Roof Coatings

systemSprayed Polyurethane Foam deteriorates quickly when exposed to the sun’s UV-rays. It needs to be coated with a UV protective coating immediately. Acrylic roof coatings are water-based elastomeric coatings applied to a variety of surfaces for ultraviolet (UV) protection. Sunblock’s acrylic coating line is available in a variety of colors and is ready for application in hot climates, low or high-humidity climates or standard weather environments.


Technical Data

Product % Solids Application Rate (gal/square) Warranty Available Technical Data Sheet
Elasto 46 46% New: 2.7 | Recoat: 1.7 5yr | 10yr w/ Recoat Technical Data Sheet
Elasto 52 52% New: 2.5 | Recoat: 1.5 5yr | 10yr w/ Recoat Technical Data Sheet
Elasto 58 58% New: 2.25 | Recoat: 1.25 5yr | 10yr w/ Recoat Technical Data Sheet


Elastomeric Coating Extends Roof Life by providing the following:

coating sprayer• Adding a waterproofing membrane
• Preventing substrate degrading UV light
• Resists staining and dirt pick-up
• Reducing risk of wind damage
• Reducing thermal shock







Atricles about Roof Coatings

Get Rid of the Dead Weight

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Get Rid of the Dead Weight

A SunBlock roofing system can weigh as little as 1/10th as an average four-ply and gravel, or ballasted single-ply roof. This savings in weight can remove unnecessary stresses from the building, while the qualities of foam allow any low spots in existing roof structures to be filled easily. If the SunBlock elastomeric coating ever becomes damaged and a leak should occur, detecting it’s orign is very simple, as the closed-cell polyurethane foam prevents water from traveling laterally. In fact, the only thing easier than detecting a leak in one of our foam roofs is fixing it – most minor surface damage can be easily repaired with a caulking gun in just a few minutes. Energy Star – labeled reflective roof coatings lowers roof surface temperature up to 100°F, decreasing the amount of heat transferred to the...

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