Get Rid of the Dead Weight

leak sampleA SunBlock roofing system can weigh as little as 1/10th as an average four-ply and gravel, or ballasted single-ply roof. This savings in weight can remove unnecessary stresses from the building, while the qualities of foam allow any low spots in existing roof structures to be filled easily.

If the SunBlock elastomeric coating ever becomes damaged and a leak should occur, detecting it’s orign is very simple, as the closed-cell polyurethane foam prevents water from traveling laterally. In fact, the only thing easier than detecting a leak in one of our foam roofs is fixing it – most minor surface damage can be easily repaired with a caulking gun in just a few minutes.

energy_star_logoEnergy Star – labeled reflective roof coatings lowers roof surface temperature up to 100°F, decreasing the amount of heat transferred to the interior.

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